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The world of Indian mythology will now be revealed under your eyes and it is ready to immerse yourself in it as you engage in the exciting game of Baahubali. Explore the magical world of Indian epics at Baahubali, one of the greatest cultural works of ancient Indian civilizations. At the same time, fans of the amazing Baahubali film series will have a chance to join their favorite movie characters on their top journeys.

Enjoy an exciting strategy game and discover many interesting features that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the amazing world of Baahubali. Explore an interesting simulation game while building your bases and armies. Build more buildings and prepare your defense for enemy attacks. Try to attack other kingdoms as you search for resources to further improve your bases. Conquer and control other players as you try to beat them.

Find out more about this interesting game Baahubali: The Game with our detailed reviews.

Story / Game

Here in the game, Android players will have a chance to join your favorite mythological characters from the famous epic Baahubali and other amazing characters from the movie series. All this will be available in this interesting game from Moonfrog, where you can enjoy exciting strategy and simulation.

Baahubali: The Game offers similar gameplay to Clash of Clans, which most Android players can relate to. Here you take control of your ultimate armies of Baahubali, Kattappa, Bhallaladeva, Devasen and many other great heroes from the film series. Build your base with many buildings and structures available. Set up and improve your defenses to protect your armies from invading enemies. Prepare your armies and try to conquer another kingdom and enjoy total dominance in the game.

Play with friends and online players whenever you want, and discover many interesting game mechanics from Baahubali: The Game. Come up with many interesting strategic and military settings and enjoy the exciting history of history. Bring glory to Mahishmati with your strong armies and incredible bases.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Build your invincible fortress to defend the empire
For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the addictive basic defense game in Baahubali: The Game, especially if you are fascinated by Indian history. Feel free to engage in an amazing strategy game and build your invincible base with brilliant defensive settings and powerful structures to protect your goods.

Start by introducing powerful archery towers and spears that can be built to defend your base. Set them up in a variety of formations and orders as you come up with amazing ways to protect your important resources. Take advantage of incredible backups, each with its own unique effects and debuffs on enemies to stop their progress. Play with spike traps, snake traps and more. Destroy your enemies with excellent weapons and get the highest advantages in the fight against enemies.

Prepare the soldiers for the invasion

At the same time, get ready for your amazing armies to prepare for the upcoming invasions. Feel free to discover an online world where you can find other people’s bases. Take a look at the ones that are usable and plan different moves so you can try to defeat opponents. Crush their defenses with your powerful units and collect rich loot from their repositories.

Research and recruit your units to power your armies. Get an upgraded and ready armory so you can further upgrade your units. Break through your enemies’ defenses with your powerful military upgrades and perform the right tactics so you can easily jump into their resources.

A variety of different units and towers with unique abilities
To further enhance the exciting game of Baahubali: The Game, Android players will find themselves using a variety of game units and towers, each with its own unique features and abilities. Here you can freely combine different towers and unit sets to improve your defenses and armies.

Use their unique abilities to suppress the abilities of your enemies so that you can successfully defend your base. Or you can unlock powerful units with the right tactics to effectively penetrate enemy defenses. Don’t be afraid to explore 10+ different soldiers and more towers as you try to enjoy the game even more.

Defeat your opponents and gain loot with powerful infantries, war elephants or unlock powerful catapults.

Amazing heroes that you have in your armies

Along with powerful units, Android players in Baahubali: The Game can now summon their powerful heroes with incredible abilities, who can lead your armies to ultimate victory and fame.

Have fun playing with Baahubali, Kattappa, Bhallaladeva and many other heroes as they exercise their unique powers against enemies. Use your lion strikes, summoners, chains and other weapons and abilities. Enjoy the exciting playing of mobile lossesegie and simulation in full.

Powerful boosters and power-ups that you can use
For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy powerful boosters and power-ups that you have available to use at any time during the game.

Do not hesitate and release your power-ups at the right time so that you can effectively change the course of the battle. Use the available Spells and Rally tools when temporarily turning on units. Also enable the healing abilities of the priest for your armies to bless the gods. All of this will give you a better chance of winning the game if the powers are used correctly.

Take part in a series of exciting solo missions

To make the game even more interesting, Baahubali: The Game also offers its exciting Solo Missions, which consist of a series of exciting single player games that you can enjoy. Have fun as you embark on amazing story missions by embarking on the ultimate journeys to defeat the cruel Kalkeyas and his deadly army. Embark on exciting missions and enjoy the interesting game Baahubali: The Game with many amazing features

Have fun with friends and online players

For those of you who are interested, you can now absolutely enjoy online addictive strategy and simulation. This game not only engages in exciting battles, but also offers many interesting interactions that you can pick up and enjoy with your friends and other online players. All this should make the game much more fun and entertaining.

Enjoy the game with exciting clan experiences

To make the game more interesting, Android players in Baahubali: The Game will have the chance to immerse themselves in exciting game action with the clan mode available. Feel free to join an existing clan or create your own clan and start enjoying the exciting game Baahubali: The Game in this mode. Discover many interesting features from this mode and have fun with addictive clan wars whenever you want.

Play for free

And despite all the exciting gaming features, Android players in Baahubali: The Game can now enjoy the free version of the game in the Google Play store. Here you can freely install an exciting mobile game on any of your mobile devices, no payment required.

Enjoy unlocked gaming on our website

For those of you who are interested, you can now join the unlocked game Baahubali: The Game, which offers many interesting features and experiences. You will not be disturbed by any ads or in-game purchases here. And all you need is to download APK Baahubali Mod to our website, successfully install the game according to the instructions and you can start having fun with it.

Graphic Design

Thanks to the interesting game graphics, Android players in Baahubali: The Game will now be able to fully enjoy the exciting action. Have fun with wonderfully designed characters, explore addictive game actions with immersive visual effects and more. All this should allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.


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