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If you are interested in another great casual mobile game that you can enjoy in your free time, you will find Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles, along with other famous titles Happy Glass and Pocket World 3D, a mobile game that you must have on your Android device.

Are you ready to have your brain tested? Are you looking for a number of challenges that will give you absolute joy and excitement? At the same time, don’t be afraid to play completely with a simple puzzle. Thanks to the Brain Test, Android players can enjoy a truly immersive game when solving puzzles and riddles.

With the Brain Test, you will find yourself completely dependent on simple, accessible and yet very pleasant gaming experiences. Accept endless gameplay challenges with a huge collection of different questions. Test your level of knowledge in various topics and enjoy the amazing game Brain Test to the fullest.

Find out more about the exciting game from Unico Studio with our reviews.


In the game, Android players find themselves in access to a huge collection of different questions, each of which falls into a unique theme. Feel free to test your knowledge with thousands of interesting questions, each with its own unique solutions.

And most importantly, you will also find questions that are asked, not to stress you out with challenging and sensitive questions.

Instead, Brain Test players will have the chance to enjoy fully interactive and relaxing questions whenever they are in the game.

Feel free to have fun with interesting questions that you can pick up at any time for all the topics you want. And thanks to interactive images, Android players in Brain Test will always enjoy game issues to the fullest.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy simple and fun puzzle games
For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun on the exciting puzzles in the Brain Test with highly interactive and addictive gameplay.

Don’t hesitate and take a pleasant gameplay on your mobile devices while solving puzzles and get a great title for spending time. And most importantly, thanks to delicate and incredible experiences, Android players always enjoy the game functions to the fullest.

Intuitive and interactive hand drawn images

In addition, in Brain Test, Android players will enjoy intuitive and interactive hand-drawn images that offer interesting interactions that you can explore and play with.

Each task will consist of a unique scenario with different settings and many interactive elements that you can use. Don’t be afraid to click and work with visual elements to put your thinking into practice.

A huge collection of interesting questions that you can enjoy
More importantly, thanks to a huge collection of interesting questions that cover a wide range of different topics, Android players in Brain Test will surely enjoy the gaming experience even more.

Don’t be afraid to hone your basic knowledge with academic questions or enjoy pure fun with challenges and questions circling your brain. Everything will be available in this interesting Brain Test game on your mobile devices.

Fun and suitable game for players of all ages
And for those of you who are interested, you can always find games suitable for any of your entertainment while meeting friends and family. Don’t hesitate and immerse yourself in the exciting game Brain Test with a suitable game for players of all ages.

In fact, you will even find friendly and interactive game visuals that are extremely suitable for children’s players, as a fun and interactive means of educating them.

Great exercise for speeding up the brain and improving concentration
In order for Android players to enjoy their exciting gaming experience, Android players in Brain Test will also find themselves in a brilliant quiz and their ingenious answers will be amazed.

Brain Test is a great game for practicing the brain and improving focused thinking. And most importantly, after each question you will always feel completely relaxed and satisfied with interesting answers.

Get advice whenever you need it

Of course, if you run into problems with questions and would like some help, you can always enjoy the exciting features in Brain Test, which will allow users to fully enjoy their gaming experience.

But don’t overuse advice, because you’ll have to find it with your own creative thinking, just for fun.

Enjoy the game with or without internet

For those of you who are interested in Brain Test and its many enjoyable gaming features, you can now enjoy completely offline gaming on mobile devices.

Here it is quite possible for players to enjoy their complete gaming functions without having to connect to the Internet. Don’t hesitate and dive deep into exciting gaming questions whenever you’re out and you don’t want to use mobile data.

Complete several game achievements and get special rewards
At the same time, you can pick up interesting game achievements and complete them to get your special rewards.

In most cases, these will be possible help points for your future tasks. So make sure you collect a lot of them so you can continue playing.

Play for free

Android Features Now Brain Test in Brain Test enjoy your exciting gameplay solving puzzles and puzzles completely free of charge. Feel free to pick up your game from the Google Play store whenever you’re ready, without payment.

Enjoy a modified version of the game on our website

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy a completely modified and unlocked game in Brain Test on our website. Have fun with a brilliant mode that includes free gaming, unlocked features, removed ads and more.

And most importantly, you can still get the mod completely free. Just download the Brain Test Mod APK from our website, install it on your mobile device and you’re off.

  • Visual and sound quality
  • Graphic Design

For those of you who are interested in puzzle games, you won’t find a game with boring or unattractive visual experiences with a simple text-based user interface, like most other titles that solve puzzles.

Instead, with Brain Test, Android players can have fun with their interactive and exciting level settings that offer beautiful visual experiences for each task.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with this game and you’ll always find that you can interact with hand-drawn pictures.

Sound / Music

Along with friendly and enjoyable visuals, Android players in Brain Test will now be able to explore their amazing audio experiences with each level. Here you can really get involved in questions with many intuitive sound effects and enjoy a relaxed game with amazing soundtracks.

Final thoughts

For those of you who are interested, Brain Test offers a simple and accessible puzzle game that you can really enjoy on most of your Android devices.

Most importantly, unpretentious gameplay, customized features and free prizes ensure that you enjoy the casual gaming experience to the fullest.


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