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FRAG Pro Shooter allows players to control a good shooter. You enter the chaotic battlefield with up to 10 heroes and the player is evenly distributed for both teams. Each team can choose their own generals to defeat their opponents.

Your main task on the battlefield is to cleverly reach the enemy with excellent reflexes and accurate aiming to quickly defeat enemies. This game brings many different characters and each person has a unique look, abilities and use of weapons. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses. Players can also quickly change heroes to avoid attacking opponents. You can easily change tactics and create a battle advantage if needed.

FRAG Full Game Guided Review

FRAG Pro Shooter matches are relatively fast and chaotic. To achieve a high score, you must quickly destroy the enemy targets and kill as many networks as possible. At the end of the time, the team with the higher score wins. Unfortunately, if you die, you will quickly wake up at the base and continue to participate in the battle. The number of characters is up to 40 and the number continues to be updated in future versions.

Each character has their own weapon and a different role in their team. Your choice will change the approach to the game and affect the team’s tactics. In addition, you can upgrade characters to unlock other great skills. Join real-time PvP arenas to demonstrate your shooting skills, defeat them all and become a legend.

FRAG Pro Shooter brings an exciting HERO Shooter experience and is optimized for mobile devices. You will challenge thousands of players in 1v1 matches in real time and control your character from a first person perspective.

You set BATTLE DECK to suit your style of play, such as attack, defense, or balance. In particular, each character has the unique power to reverse the tide of war. Expand your fan base to become popular and join your own club. The game supports sharing, checking information with friends and opponents.

In short, FRAG Pro Shooter is a great game that includes excellent gameplay, vibrant color images and lots of voyeur action. The game environment is mainly designed on the basis of a real 3D platform combined with many effects and techniques.

Players will have a great visual experience, flexible character manipulation, a scientifically designed interface, a lively and interesting sound. You will experience many different maps that change with each game to find hidden, defensive and avoid enemy attacks. Lastly, don’t forget to complete the tasks every day to get more rewards after each game. Get ready for a fascinating online shooter and lots of fun.


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