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Find yourself in epic challenges in League of Stickman, where you can control your favorite League of Legend heroes into amazing shadow battles against enemies. Challenge all kinds of different enemies as you smash them with your powerful attacks.

Experience unique side-scrolling battles, where all those involved are painted black. No face is revealed, only epic skills and spells that shine on the battlefield. Experience an addictive fighting game that you rarely find on any other League of Stickman title.

Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In the game, players will have the opportunity to explore a unique world in the League of Stickman, where each character is shown in black shadows. Together with capable heroes, you embark on a journey to attack the dark forces that are terrorizing the earth.

Choose from dozens of different heroes, each with their own abilities and abilities to overthrow evil bosses who have caused people too much pain. Engage in epic and addictive battles as you thrive and overcome the forces of darkness.

Take your heroes with a few challenges and earn various equipment and gears on the go. Align them and give them new items so they can gain advantages against enemies.


Here you will find all the exciting features that the game offers:

Experience unique battles with shadows

Android players will have access to amazing shadow battles you’ve never seen before. Engage in epic battles where you can freely unleash your epic skill attacks. Discover unique combat features where you can use special attacks such as Double Hits, devastating combos or even levitating skills.

Choose from dozens of different heroes with unique abilities

The great feature of League of Stickman is that it provides players with a huge collection of different champions available for you to pick up. Each hero in the League of Stick man has their own abilities and abilities that allow them to have completely fighting styles compared to others.

In addition, the characters in the game also fall into specific classes, which include rioters, knights, archers, wizards, etc. You will find yourself as famous champions like Ninja, Athy, Gus, Zilonand and others.

Let your favorite heroes completely upgrade

And once you’ve collected your favorite hero, you’re sure to want to improve his skills. The creators of DreamSky have included several enhancements that you can give to your heroes. Choose from several items that you can equip your heroes and help them gain their advantages over others.

Another way is to raise the level of your heroes so that they can gain advantages over enemies. In addition, you can also upgrade items and characters to increase their levels for better abilities. Higher level items and characters will have better statistics than others. So don’t forget to pay attention to it.

Collect ghosts to strengthen your team

Along with amazing upgrades, League of Stickman includes amazing ghosts that you can wear with your team. These are powerful deities who have amazing powers that can drastically strengthen the members of your team. Choose between different ghosts with unique abilities so you can easily take over different enemies.

Choose your own team composition that works best

In addition, because you will be fighting enemies in a 3-member team, we recommend that you choose the most suitable team composition to suit your playing styles. And in order to control only one player at a time, you need to know when to switch to another player and when to stay current. Optimize your tactical aspects and gain advantages over monsters.

A number of different game modes that you can enjoy
Android players in the League of Stickman will have access to more games that would surely satisfy them.

Quest – Track your journey in League of Stickman and collect enemies on several levels. Each level contains unique monsters with escalating forces as you get deeper into the game. So make sure your teams are well prepared for advanced battles.

Arena – Here you can challenge online players from all over the world in exciting PvP challenges. Find yourself as you join their 3-member team with your amazing skills and strong team composition

Raids – Finally, if you want to collect rich booty, then Raid battles are definitely a great place for you. Just choose your favorite team and head to the enemy bases. Take them off and destroy as much as possible to raise a lot of money.

Addictive battles with smooth control and mechanics
Another feature in the game that most of you would find interesting is addictive combat. This means that in addition to the unique style of shadow art, League of Stickman players will also have access to smooth and comfortable control in the game.

Here you will move freely around the map and look for a tactical place to stop enemies. In addition, four different skill buttons allow you to launch attacks at the same time due to their low cooling.

Challenge online players in epic world rankings
For those who want to become

the biggest stickman fighter in the world, the leaderboards will definitely be interesting. Here you can find yourself in a competition in epic rankings for friends or players from around the world.

Compete and get a high score to get your bragging rights. Defeat all your opponents and get the title of Champion.

Several tasks and events to complete

And along with the available game modes, you can also receive a number of challenges and events every day. The higher your level, the harder the work will be, and of course the more generosity. So don’t hesitate to take part in these challenges, because they won’t hurt you.

Play for free

And despite all the exciting features, League of Stickman is currently free in the Google Play store. So you can download and install the game on your mobile device without having to pay anything.

Experience free shopping with our modem

However, if you want to make the game a little easier and more pleasant, you would definitely be interested in the modified version of the game. That being said, all you have to do is download our League of Stickman Mod APK from our site. After installation, you will have the game store completely unlocked. Feel free to buy what you like, completely free.

  • Visual and sound quality
  • Graphic Design

With a unique artistic style, League of Stickman introduces players to epic duels, where they experience stunning visual effects and smooth mechanics during battles. And most importantly, because the game contains only dark characters, the game is relatively playable on lower class devices.

Sound / Music

Don’t be afraid to test your epic fighting skills in League of Stick man and crush your opponent with your powerful attacks. Realistic sound effects and impressive soundtracks will keep you in the game for hours.


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