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My Talking Tom is a legendary game for virtual cat breeding on a mobile platform. In the game, players will keep their kitten and it’s called Tom. The player’s task is to take care of Tom from food to playing, so that he can become an advanced and intelligent cat. Immediately after launching My Talking Tom MOD APK creates a fever, people feed Tom and spa for Tom.

After the debut of My Talking, Tom quickly caught the attention of the gaming community. In just a short time, My Talking Tom received more than 13 million pre-registrations.

Following the success of My Talking Tom, developer Outfit7 has launched an alternative version of the virtual cat game for iOS and the Android platform called My Talking Tom Friend. In response to fan desire, Outfit7 recently officially released a free game

In My Talking Tom, players take care of Tom and take care of other cats while living together in an unknown house. Each cat has its daily activities, so there are plenty of activities to keep players busy. Players can turn this virtual house into their own and change the appearance of cats in the house.

My Talking Tom has a beautiful graphics platform, but still retains a cheerful, fun and colorful color that will bring you an amazing experience.

For those who have just started with My Talking Tom, here are some instructions on how to get to know this cute cat. You can download the free game My Talking Tom MOD APK using the link.


The cat in My Talking Tom is like a blowing soul, so he will be spirited and alive. All you have to do is take care of your cat so she can eat, grow, play well and go through the game screen to get more gold coins. When you have a lot of gold, you can conveniently shop supplies and buy cat food so you can see quickly.


When Tom My Talking plays Tom, Tom has to get a lot of gold coins in order to raise a huge cat, work hard to quickly increase the amount of gold available. There are many ways to reach a higher level quickly, but first we will learn a few instructions on how to get started with My Talking Tom.

Circular icon with fork and spoon

First, when you start the game, follow the game instructions and quickly go through level 1. When you start with My Talking Tom, you must first feed the hungry Tom with food. When the cat is hungry, the abdomen will have a red circular plate and a spoon icon that indicates that the cat is hungry.

Clicking on this icon will take you to the dining table, then dining with various dishes will appear on the interface. Then touch the plate of food you want to feed Tom. When you see a circular icon containing a fork and a leopard spoon, the cat is full.

The circle icon has a toilet.

After eating, this icon usually turns red, so your cat Tom is trying to go to the bathroom. Click on this circle to let Cat Tom go to the bathroom. When the transition to the bathroom is completed, the symbol changes to green.

Smile icon

When this smile icon is more than half red, this cute cat Tom wants to play with you. He has almost all human needs. Click on the smiley icon and stroke it, it will smile. It’s like stroking and playing with it like that. When this icon turns green, the cat is bored and no longer wants to play.

Circle icon with moon and star

When it meets all needs for food, hygiene, play, sleep, the circle icon with the moon and the star inside will turn red. Click on this icon to let the cat fall asleep. Like us, it will require you to turn off the light and fall asleep from blinding. When this icon turns green, you can play with it even when it is no longer sleepy. When all the pictures turn green, as mentioned earlier, you have completed level 1.

Trash can icon

When you choose this icon, you go to the supermarket to buy food for Tom. The basket also shows the amount of gold that is available, and you can buy gold items there.

FOR FANS: You need an internet connection to use this feature.
COINS: With this feature, you can completely exchange virtual gold coins for real money playing games. This game can be purchased for free if you use real money in proportion to virtual money.

  • In addition, you can switch to FREE COINS and redeem free gold coins by watching My Talking Tom on YouTube, receiving the latest My Talking
  • Tom emails, logging in to your Facebook account to play, watching videos, and complete offers.
  • WARDROBE: Allows you to choose the color of fur, glasses, hats, clothes, eye colors for cat Tom.
  • LIVING PLACE: Allows you to equip household items such as televisions, chairs, pictures and floors. Touch the device you want to change, then tap a larger or smaller character to customize it to the type you like, free and paid.

FOOD: There will be a range of food and drinks available, while at the highest level there will be more options for your cat.
Potions: An energy tonic, including various energy drinks such as Fat Burner, which was used when an overweight cat Tom lost 50 gold.

The energy potion prevents drowsiness and loses 50 gold. Max Potion increases all Tom indicators to 100% and loses 150 gold.

A hungry potion causes a hungry cat to eat more and increases the level of losing 100 gold. The children’s potion takes Tom for a small period, when he will have to buy the use of this drug for real money.

Breakfast: Including menu, fast food for breakfast, depending on the type that takes the original amounts.
Fruit: Includes fruits and berries.
Vegetables: Includes vegetables and fruits.
Fast food: There are unique types of fast food.

Desserts: White, like ice cream and sweets.
Beverages: Beverage area such as milk, juice, coffee
Specialties: Special dishes like Pho, Gimbap, Roast chicken
Learn how to navigate My Talking Tom
The circle icon has a number inside.

The number inside the circle is the number of the level you are playing. When the blue color in the circle is full of circles, you will be promoted to the next level. Feed Tom, sleep well, and buy items that will give you the fastest level when you play other minigames integrated in My Talking Tom on the next level.

In addition, it will give you the amount of gold corresponding to your level. This amount of gold will gradually increase with increasing levels. The higher the standard in the game, the more lock you will get to unlock other costumes, decorations for the cat and Tom’s house.

Pink cat icon

Touching this icon will introduce you to several new games with the same free category from the same publisher, My Talking Tom. Here you can select more games from this publisher that you want to play.

Icon of two cats

Touching this icon will allow you to visit the homes of people playing My Talking Tom. After logging in to your Facebook account, you can visit your friend’s house so that your friend can visit your home.

In addition, you will visit the home of those who play this game but are not familiar, but a visit to any home will give you a gift by choosing Visit random players a lot of visits. It is also one of the ways to make gold money is relatively easy. When you go to someone else’s house, there will be a gift box next to the cat. Click on the gift box to get gold coins.

Movie icon

When you touch this icon, you’ll see videos related to My Talking Tom on social networks that share YouTube videos. Here you can find funny videos of My Talking Tom.

Speaker icon

This icon turns off Tom’s cat. If you feel uncomfortable with the cat’s voice, click here to turn it off.

Extra tips

It’s easy to see that My Talking Tom is a game that attracts the attention of all ages, from students, office workers to do-it-yourselfers. Thanks to the interaction between My Talking Tom and people, you will feel interesting and relieve stress. This section will show you how to quickly play My Talking Tom MOD APK to get to the next level.

First you have to take care of Tom, you have to download My Talking Tom and start shopping so that you can decorate your living room, kitchen, bedroom or toilet with Tom. Buying decorations at My Talking Tom will then increase your EXP exponentially.

Suppose you are new to the game and don’t have a lot of money, then first choose how to buy cheap items and then consider buying more expensive items. Make sure you have more exciting moments when you download My Talking Tom.

Second, when downloading My Talking Tom, you need to buy costumes for the talking cat. Buying clothes significantly contributes to Tom’s rapid growth.

Just like decorating a house when buying clothes, hats, glasses and changing the color of Tom’s eyes, the experience of every costume accessory will multiply you.

Finally, make sure Tom eats, sleeps and even goes to the bathroom. Just a small hardworking and sensitive partner in shopping for appliances, you can easily take care of a conversation with Tom as beneficial as your beloved friends.

Main points

Many developers in the mobile world are watching to find out why Talking Tom is so famous and popular. It is now limited to mobile applications and has expanded into the market for toys, fashion and upcoming movies.

There are reasons that well-known manufacturers explain:

Special strategies

Talking Tom was born following the development trend of the iPhone with applications that have a unique tendency and bring users a strange experience. Initially, Talking Tom was just a cat with the ability to copy the user’s voice according to his tone, not a game for pets like My Talking Tom.

Although Talking Tom has just stopped at such a level, he has created a unique and non-duplicate game that will delight every player. Tom can repeat every sound, every sentence, no matter what language you speak. It was a strange element of the first release that laid the groundwork for later versions.

Innovative design

Retaining the character of Tom and his ability to mainly copy his voice, My Talking Tom appeared in 2013 to bring players a new experience that cares for and educates him.

The first success is that the developer gave the fans of the first Talking Tom a great reason to download My Talking Tom, because this new game is almost a different game, even though it remains the same cloned voice.

The second success is the transformation of My Talking Tom into a virtual game with home my pets, the predominant genre, but the characters in other games are still generic and can’t be famous or function well like Tom. It’s a wise combination.

Tom can now be fed, dressed and cared for as a pet.


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