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The privilege that only Android users should have is the ability to have complete control over their devices. As mentioned, if you’re an Android user, you can easily take control of your entire system with a few simple steps. And by that I mean that your phone is rooted.

Even if you have already rooted your phone, you will still need the help of certain applications to use root privileges. Speaking of which, SuperSU Pro is considered one of the best applications for this job.

Find out all about this amazing app with our reviews.

What is he doing?

The process of rooting your devices is basically giving you access to the whole system. Once your phone is rooted, you can make changes to everything on your phone with little restrictions. However, to do this, you will need to know how to work with device programming.

Because many of us don’t know about these things, it would be more sensible to have an application that allows users to make changes directly from user interfaces. This would make it much easier for most Android users.


It is quite clear that you must first have a root device to run this application. Otherwise, it would be useless because you will not have any permission to grant. Therefore, before installing SuperSU Pro on your devices, you should start by rooting your devices.

Amazing features

Here you will find all the exciting features that the game offers:

Gain root privileges on various applications
To begin with, SuperSU users will be allowed access to root privileges in various applications. As mentioned, you can easily access the Superuser access prompt or receive access notifications whenever you want to use certain features in your mobile applications that require root privileges. You can grant root privileges to various applications with a single click.

Configure notifications in specific applications

And if you’re tired of the endless notifications you get from all kinds of apps installed on your devices, you can take advantage of the Smart Notifications configuration feature in SuperSU Pro.

This means that it allows you to create specific application profiles for each application. Therefore, only important notifications will be displayed the next time you open the phone.

Unlock the device temporarily

And if for some reason you need to return your phone to its previous state before rooting, you can simply select the Temporary Un root function in the application.

Choose it and you can easily return the phone to previous states. And once you want your phone to be re-rooted, just go back to functionality.

This game even supports permanent uprooting if you no longer want to use the root device. Which is quite impressive.

Find out all running processes in your application

Thanks to powerful algorithms, SuperSU Pro allows you to easily detect the entire running process in your application. As already mentioned, no other unknown processes will run in the background of your application without your knowledge.

Work anyway
No matter how bad your phone is, SuperSU Pro users can easily access all the features of the applications at any time.

As already mentioned, the application will work when you are in recovery mode, with non-standard environment locations or even when your phone refuses to boot.

Several customizations for mobile applications

This game gives players several options to customize the mobile applications they can perform on their devices.

This is to allow your applications to wake up when prompted to save time. And if you want, you can convert mobile applications to system applications and vice versa.

Choose the appropriate icons for your mobile application from 5 different options. With these functions, you can even make the application invisible in your menu.

This allows you to hide your secret applications and access them only from the SuperSU menu.

Change themes on your phone

In addition, you can also customize the themes on your phone with optional themes from 4 different options. This can completely change the look of the phone as well as the animation and interface.

Customized configurations for each application

Android users will have complete control of every application on their system using SuperSU Pro with unique configurations of customized applications.

As mentioned, you can easily change the logging configuration for each mobile application on the system. It also allows permissions to override your system settings.

You can grant root privileges to an application and deny it the required privileges for a period of time.

There is also an option to adjust the time to automatically deny the countdown when requesting root privileges in certain applications.

Add secure protection to your system

To protect your system, SuperSU Pro users can set their own PIN protection for the system. In addition, each application can also have its own PIN protection, which makes it even more secure.

You can set a security code in important applications on your system to prevent others from accessing them even if they open your phone.

Nechte SuperSU Pro unlocked using our mode

And last but not least, with our modified version of the app, Android users can easily install the app on their devices without having to pay anything.

Just download our APK SuperSU Pro file and you can start enjoying all the premium features it offers.


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